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Reiki, a form of non-manipulative healing therapy, was reintroduced to the Western world by Doctor Usui of Japan, some seventy years ago. Reiki stimulates the immune system, helps relieve imbalances in the body's systems and generally increases well-being and harmony. Reiki treatments are on offer every Tuesday morning during term.


Chair Yoga

Have you always wanted to try yoga but don’t like the thought of sitting in funny positions on the floor, then why not give
Chair yoga is a class suitable for all shapes, sizes and mobility. The beauty of a CHAIR YOGA class is that 90% of the class is done sitting on a chair, or using it as a prop to aid your balance and support, so there is no worry about getting up or down on the floor.

Belly Dance

Belly dancing is a low impact full body workout that tones and shapes the body in a fluid like manner. Belly dancing strengthens pelvic muscles, prevents lower back problems, improves posture, improves hip flexibility, enhances flexibility and suppleness and relieves stress. Classes are taught in a warm and friendly environment, welcoming all ages and fitness levels.



A holistic approach that places, you, the patient in the centre. It’s based on the principle that our body has an inner ability to heal. Naturopathy offers a safe alternative for the management of various conditions.

Your initial consultation will provide you with a thorough health assessment and a personalised treatment plan.




Relax and heal through “the breath of  life’ and a “peaceful meditation’. 


Yoga for Beginners


Would you like to improve your Mobility, Flexibility, Strength and Balance? Learn to calm the mind and improve your overall Wellbeing? Then why not come and try YOGA, Book in today for a Free Trial Class.




A holistic approach in a gentle and natural way to help improve the general well being and increase energy flow to the body. A gentle and non-invasive therapy, you only need to remove your foot wear, beneficial  for all age groups and gender.




See Term Program for Session Times, Days and Cost








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